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Next time I post a video from Snapchat, I’ll remember to do it upright. 😂 In the meantime, enjoy this video of Marlin Lane dashing into the checkerboards. #TennesseeVolunteers #Vols #snapchat #RockyTop ##GiveHimSix #Touchdown 🍊

I HURD THAT! GIVE HIM SIX! TOUCHDOWN, TENNESSEE! (Turn your heads ninety degrees to the left.) #TennesseeVolunteers #Vols #JalenHurd #RockyTop #SpeedKills #GoBigOrange #Touchdown #GiveHimSix 🍊


Jessica and Valerie - “Ghagra” - Bollywood

This dance started off strong and both girls seemed to be matching well but as the routine went on it started to lose strength. There are parts where I think Valerie faltered a little and Jessica was a little sharper with her movements but these two kept up with each other well.

It really kind of sucks that they got a bollywood routine in the finale episode together but I think it was probably the best matched they could possibly have been. I thought they both danced well, but I wish the choreography had actually done something for me. Jessica said in an interview that she really wanted to try bollywood and it’s sad that this is the bollywood routine she ended up getting. This was probably one of the lamest bollywood routines we’ve had on the show. Valerie’s fist Bollywood with Ricky was definitely better.




Equality, y’all. 

Love or hate the concept, song, etc…It doesn’t matter. This show is so much more than dance sometimes. Travis (as an openly gay dancer) has wanted to do a piece like this for years. He’s said that multiple times in different interviews.

It saddens me that people think this dance is mocking the subject, or that these dancers didn’t it seriously. Shame on all of you. This dance was special to every person involved.

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Valerie - “What I like About You” - Tap

I really like all of Valerie’s tap choreography. The way she uses the music and lyrics in her dances is great (her over the tops.) Valerie should probably win an award for cutest contestant ever at this point and I almost didn’t notice she wasn’t wearing her red tap shoes! Great solo! :)